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Cervidae Peak near Boise

Best of Boise: Summits Over the City

Take on these summit hikes among the hills and mountains near Boise.

Hiking, Trail Running Moderate, Difficult

Cervidae Peak near Boise
Cervidae Peak near Boise Photo: Jesse Weber


Idaho’s capital city is set against a backdrop of mountains, where the flatlands of the south rise dramatically to the jumbled ranges of the north. Though the state’s tallest peaks are far from Boise, the local topography still holds some impressive relief. Any steep hike near Boise comes with incredible views, thanks to wide-open sagebrush prairie at the lower elevations. The uppermost summits are typically shrouded in pines, but rock outcrops and mountain meadows can always reveal the panorama.

From hilltop strolls to staggering climbs, these mountains offer all kinds of ascents. Whether you want a casual hike to an overlook or a big elevation gain for training, you can find it within easy reach of the city. The map shows some of the best summit hikes in the area, from easy to difficult. Use this guide to start your own ticklist of Boise area summits!

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