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The fun track down to the bridge.

The Finest Mountain Bike Rides in the Kitzbühel Alps

A week's worth of 2-wheeled adventures amongst some of Austria's best scenery!

Mountain Biking Moderate, Difficult, Severe

Also in Salzburg, Austria

The fun track down to the bridge.
The fun track down to the bridge. Photo: Charlie Boscoe


With the celebrated mountains town of Kitzbühel and Mayrhofen at either end of them, the Kitzbühel Alps are rightly famous amongst skiers and have been the scene of many legendary ski races down the decades. What is perhaps less well known about the region is that it's home to some utterly fabulous mountain biking, with a ride suitable for everyone.

Whether you're looking for fast, furious singletrails accessed via a lift, or long cruisy rides which allow you to soak in the scenery, you'll find what you're looking for in this beautiful, and surprisingly compact region. Some of the rides in this guidebook, such as the Peisendorf – Hochsonnberg – Pinzgauer Hut Loop, combine just about everything that makes a ride great - a satisfying climb, a logical route and some brilliant riding too. Others, such as the lines at the little-known Isskogel bike park "only" offer the brilliant riding, with none of the uphill effort.

So whether you want to go hard and fast or simply enjoy some of the finest mountain scenery in the Eastern Alps, get you and your bike to the Kitzbühel Alps for some 2-wheeled fun!

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