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Crank Out Flowy Miles on Phoenix's Best XC Trails

Looking for miles and miles of non-technical singletrack? Phoenix has that in spades!

Mountain Biking Easy, Moderate, Difficult

Photo: Greg Heil


The mountain bike scene in the Phoenix Metro Area is as diverse as it is geographically dispersed. All around the outskirts of this sprawling metropolis you'll discover singletrack riding of all types, from flowy cross country trails to steep, technical test pieces. In this guidebook, we've rounded up some of the mellowest—yet most rewarding—singletrack trails for cross country mountain biking.

The cross country riding in the region is anchored by McDowell Mountain Park. This exceedingly popular mountain bike trail system is a hit with locals and visitors alike. The conveniently-located campground with easy access to miles and miles of singletrack in one of the warmest cities in the country creates the perfect recipe for a mid-winter training getaway!

While technically the Brown's Ranch trails in McDowell Sonoran Preserve are located in a different regional park, you can still pedal there on singletrack from McDowell Mountain.

The Hawes Trail System is also located on this side of town, but even the far side of Phoenix is home to some delightful XC trails at FINS.

Finally, while South Mountain is best-known for its tech riding, you can score a lengthy cross country pedal on the Desert Classic Trail, or even get a beginner started on the bite-sized Corona Loop. The options truly are endless!

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