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Heading down the NE Ridge of the Nadelhorn.

Classic Mid-Grade Traverses on the Alpine 4000ers

Going up and down a famous 4000er is great - going over the top of it and then climbing another is even better!

Alpine Climbing, Hiking Easy, Difficult, Extreme

Heading down the NE Ridge of the Nadelhorn.
Heading down the NE Ridge of the Nadelhorn. Photo: Franco Pecchio


All alpine climbs are adventures and you will never get to the end of a day on a 4000er and feel that everything went as you'd expected. Huge glaciers, variable rock and changing weather make any trip into the high alpine environment an adventurous experience, but nothing feels as committing and exciting as traversing a peak. Never is the old adage that, "the summit is halfway", more true than on a major alpine traverse.

In here you'll find some classic alpine journeys, some taking to you "only" one 4000er, others sending you over multiple peaks. None of the routes are technically hard but all are serious and wild. You'll need to be fit, acclimatised and experienced to tackle any of these, and you'll also need conditions and weather to be working in your favour as well.

Having completed these routes you'll be fit and ready for a bigger challenge, and there's no longer challenge in the Alps than the Royal Traverse of Mont Blanc -


With that in the bag, you really are ready for anything, and you won't struggle to find suitable challenges to push you even further in the Alps!

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