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Sunrise on the way to the summit

Learn the Alpine Game : Easy Summits Above Arolla

3 low grade alpine climbing adventures in one of the most serene valleys in Switzerland!

Alpine Climbing, Hiking Easy, Moderate, Difficult

Sunrise on the way to the summit
Sunrise on the way to the summit Photo: Simon


Despite the huge number of gorgeous mountains in the Alps, there are few valleys which offer a high altitude town and relatively low altitude summits - the 3 most famous centres of Chamonix, Zermatt and Grindelwald all sit relatively low down and yet the peaks which tower above them are truly enormous. Arolla, on the other hand, is a high altitude town sitting at 2000 metres surrounded by relatively modest summits of around 3500 metres.

The combination of high village and low mountains make Arolla an ideal place to head if you like a purer mountain experience, devoid of the queues and cable cars which characterise many famous alpine towns. The fact that Arolla isn't home to any of the famous Alpine 4000ers also helps to keep it quiet - this is a destination for connoisseurs rather than summit collectors!

The 3 adventures here are all multi day affairs, so we've described the approaches to the relevant huts, and the summit days themselves. None of the routes involve any truly technical ground but all involve glacier travel and as a result they make ideal places from which to start your alpine apprenticeship.

With your apprenticeship served and some acclimatisation in the bag, check out our guidebook to some of the finest low grade adventures on the Swiss 4000ers -


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