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25 of North America's Best Slickrock Slab MTB Rides

Slickrock riding isn't reserved solely for Moab—discover the best slab riding across North America in this guidebook!

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Photo: Marcel Slootheer


When sticky rubber tires meet gritty slabs of rock, magical traction casts a spell on your mountain bike, allowing it to traverse unbelievable terrain! Whether it’s pedaling straight up impossibly-steep climbs, ripping into skatepark-like bowls, traversing off-camber side slopes, or dropping down near-vertical slabs between towering tree trunks, slickrock slab riding is a much-coveted version of the mountain bike experience.

But you can’t find superb slickrock just anywhere, and thus the lust for rock ripping beats strongly in the hearts of mountain bikers around the globe. While Moab and the eponymous Slickrock trail reign supreme, it’s still possible to find slabs of rock to skid down all across North America.

In this guidebook, I attempted to uncover the best slab rock riding across the continent. While undoubtedly a few delightful gems are still flying under the radar, if you journey to any of these haunts you’re guaranteed a fabulous rip on challenging slabs of bedrock!

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