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Rim Trail Keyhole, Snowmass

5 of the Best MTB Trail Rides in Aspen/Snowmass

Explore 5 of the best pedal-driven singletrack loops in the Aspen/Snowmass area.

Mountain Biking Moderate, Difficult

Rim Trail Keyhole, Snowmass
Rim Trail Keyhole, Snowmass Photo: Brendan Bombaci


Aspen has a distinct reputation as one of the poshest mountain destinations in the world. That reputation is well-earned, with multi-million dollar celebrity mansions spread across the hillsides. What Aspen does nothave is a reputation as a singletrack-filled mountain bike town… but perhaps it should.

Sinuous singletrack is spread up and down the entire Roaring Fork Valley, but the epicenter is undoubtedly Snowmass. Here, the trail network is dense and concentrated, with spidery trail arms reaching out to both Carbondale and Aspen on either end of the valley.

Unlike some mountain destinations that have just one or two marquee rides, the trail riding in the Roaring Fork Valley is a massive web of interconnected trails that can be sliced, diced, and combined in a variety of different ways. But despite these various combinations, a few key trails stand out.

Dig into the top 5 routes in this guidebook for some of the best riding on the Aspen/Snowmass end of the Roaring Fork Valley.

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