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Pedal Both Alpine and Desert on Salida’s Best MTB Trails

Pedal through alpine tundra, deep forests, and cacti on the best singletrack in Salida’s incredibly diverse trail system.

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Photo: Greg Heil


The small mountain town of Salida, Colorado, is home to one of the most diverse mountain bike trail systems in the nation, if not the world. With hundreds of miles of singletrack running between the mountain peaks and the valley floor, the trail network around Salida spreads through an ecosystem that's equally diverse.

The mighty Sawatch Mountain Range, filled with towering summits that soar over 14,000 feet, soars above the town of Salida. Chaffee County (of which Salida is the county seat) is home to the most 14,000-foot peaks of any county in the lower 48, meaning you'll find an absurd amount of superb alpine mountain biking here! The Monarch Crest, Salida's marquee ride, is famous across the country for its high alpine traverse and spectacular mountain views.

As you work your way down into the deep pine and aspen forests filled with loamy black dirt trails, and then continue lower still into more arid climate zones, you'll eventually reach a bonafide desert environment. Most notably, the Arkansas Hills Trail System on the eastern side of Salida is home to a high desert environ featuring sandy, rocky trails lined by sharp cacti.

Whatever your flavor of mountain bike trail you prefer, you're almost guaranteed to find a new favorite ride in Salida's ever-expanding network of sweet, sweet singletrack!

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