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The Wildstrubel Summit Cross with the Mittelgipfel visible behind.

5 Gorgeous 3000m Peaks in the Swiss Alps

Low altitude glaciated adventures across various beautiful Swiss mountain ranges.

Alpine Climbing, Hiking Easy, Moderate, Difficult

Also in Bern, Switzerland

The Wildstrubel Summit Cross with the Mittelgipfel visible behind.
The Wildstrubel Summit Cross with the Mittelgipfel visible behind. Photo: Björn S


Switzerland is best known for its dense collection of 4000 mete peaks, but some of the finest mountains in the country don't quite make it to that magical 4000 mark. In fact, one of Switzerland's most famous mountains - the Eiger - isn't a 4000er (although at 3967m, it's pretty close!)

We figured that those "lesser" (in terms of height, not quality) mountains deserved a little more love, so here are 5 of the best of them, all nicely presented and with all the information you need to climb them. The Eiger itself is in there - you can't exactly leave that one out when describing Switzerland's best 3000ers - but there are also some lesser known peaks such as the Pointes de Mourti and Walcherhorn. The Eiger is the only really tough peak in here because it's long, exposed and serious - the other mountains are much easier and are little more than enjoyable glacial hikes and easy scrambles.

One of the great things about this list is that it will take you to some of Switzerland's best known Massifs - both parts of the Berner Alps as well as the Western and Eastern Valais. Traveling to and from these peaks is all part of the fun as well and you'll see some fabulous scenery en route.

Before getting started on this lot, spending a little bit of time acclimatising, getting fit and practising skills is not a bad idea so give this trip a go -


And if you feel, after earning your spurs on 3000ers, that it's time to climb some 4000ers, we've got you covered for that too!


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