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Looking back to Konkordia from the col

High, Wild and Handsome : Climb the Oberland 4000ers

Summit the legendary peaks of the Bernese Oberland and stay in some of Switzerland's finest mountain huts en route!

Alpine Climbing, Hiking Easy, Moderate, Difficult

Also in Bern, Switzerland

Looking back to Konkordia from the col
Looking back to Konkordia from the col Photo: Matteo Leoni


Home to the largest glacier in the Alps and some of Europe's most famous mountains, the Bernese Oberland is the third part of the Alpine "Big 3" climbing areas alongside the Chamonix and Zermatt ranges. The area is home to 9 of the Alpine 4000ers and this guidebook contains all the information you need to climb 6 of them, as well as the relevant hut approaches.

Whereas many alpine climbs are done individually, the beauty of the Bernese Oberland is that you can link together multiple routes and summits to create a multi day adventure. The fact that any such adventure will take you to the extraordinarily beautiful high mountain huts of the Oberland only adds to the appeal.

The mountains described in here are all wild summits - none of them are little day routes and all of them are serious, high mountain adventures. The fact that you have to work for them means that they're generally quieter than many Alpine peaks, and all the more satisfying to climb.

We've also got you covered (with this guidebook to a 4 day Oberland glacier trek) if you want to get some acclimatisation in before attempting any 4000 metre peaks -


If, on the other hand, you've ticked off the 6 Bernese Oberland 4000ers in this guidebook and are wondering how to climb the remaining 3, then here is your answer -


That guidebook also contains a certain peak called The Eiger, which isn't quite a 4000ers but is pretty famous anyway!

So there you have - a 4 day warm up trek, all 9 of the Oberland 4000ers, and the Eiger as the cherry on top.

Get ready for a summer of adventure in Central Switzerland!

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