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Easy Hikes in the Beautiful Sea-to-Sky Corridor

Discover easy hikes up and down the stunning Sea-to-Sky Corridor.

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Whistler is famous as one of the most beautiful—and most popular—mountain town destinations in the world. With approximately 3 million visitors per year, Whistler serves as a tourism hub for the entire region. Taken collectively, this region is known as the "Sea-to-Sky Corridor," stretching from Squamish on the sea to the Lillooet Mountains in the sky.

The beauty of the Sea-to-Sky Corridor cannot be overstated! Squamish is shockingly beautiful, with a pristine saltwater bay to the west and bald granite domes rising to the southeast. To the northeast, the mountains soar high into the sky.

As soon as you begin driving north out of Squamish, you'll enjoy stupendous views of glacier-covered mountainsides with jagged rock spires piercing the sky. These mountain views continue all the way to the terminus of the corridor, with Mount Currie towering impressively above Pemberton. Along the entire stretch in between, you'll find thundering waterfalls, rushing rivers, deep forests, pristine lakes, and so much more.

One of the best ways to experience this incredible natural beauty for yourself is by going on a hike. Thankfully, there's a whole lifetime of hiking adventures to be had here in the Sea to Sky! But due to the steepness of these mountains and the ruggedness of their rocky flanks, many of the most famous hikes in the Sea to Sky are extremely challenging and only fit for experienced hikers who are prepared for an all-day adventure.

Yet if you know where to look, you can still discover easy, scenic trails that won't take all day to hike and don't demand expert-level fitness. To uncover the best of the Sea to Sky's easy hikes, dive deep into this guidebook and explore these fantastic hikes ranging from Squamish to Pemberton.

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