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On the way up to the Plumsjoch

Perfect Terrain & Big Views : Mountain Biking in Tirol

Narrowing Tirol's many mountain bike adventures down to the best 25 is a tough task...But someone has to do it!

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On the way up to the Plumsjoch
On the way up to the Plumsjoch Photo: https://bikmo.com/


Taking in everything from technical downhill trails and epic 70km journeys to gentle, flat rides through quaint villages, this "best of Tirolian biking" list has something for every rider. The scenery you'll see is as diverse as the terrain your wheels will roll over too - you can expect to pass alongside everything from huge, rocky faces to tranquil lakes.

This list encompasses rides from all across Tirol, from the mighty Karwendel National Park in the west to the Wildkogel and Kitzbühl ranges in the east. In between there are some legendary rides around Innsbruck and in the Stubai and Navis valleys too - suffice to say that the journeys between these rides are almost as scenic as the adventures themselves!

As with all Tirolian mountain journeys, these rides are all served by excellent mountain huts, and grabbing a cold beer and a hot meal is a major part of the Austrian biking experience. Whether you're smashing down the bikeparks of Mutters and Isskogel, or cruising around the lakes of Seefeld, make time to enjoy the unique Austrian hut culture - you'll certainly have earned the calories after doing these rides!

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